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The Face Yoga App is the easiest way to turn back time.

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Real results from our founder, Koko

When I was 27, I had a major plastic surgery fail. I was so unhappy with the results and wished I had tried a natural solution like Face Yoga first before going under the knife. I wanted to help others avoid the same mistake I made, so I got certified to teach Face Yoga in Japan. I've been teaching this natural plastic surgery alternative in the US since 2018 and am so proud of my client's results!

Guess what? Koko weighs the same in both pictures!

The Kardashians does Face Yoga with Koko.

Safe & Natural

No facelift needed! Face Yoga is an effective natural, non-toxic, and painless alternative to Botox®, facial filler, and plastic surgery.

Our facial exercises are quick and easy. Do them anywhere, in an Uber, at your desk or wherever you like.

It only takes 3 minutes a day

Our facial exercise wake up sleeping muscles to lift and plump skin and relax over-worked muscles to reduce wrinkles.

We work 2 types of muscles


"I feel my eyelids have lifted, my cheeks look fuller, and my nasolabial lines aren't as pronounced."


Did you know? The average facelift costs $8,000! Our app is free!

(AI features require an upgrade).

Save Money - Skip the surgery & injections

Proven to really work

Did you know? The average facelift costs $8,000! Our app is free!

(AI features require an upgrade).

We use cutting-edge AI technology

The Face Yoga App uses AI technology that guides you through the exercises, making sure you do them correctly for the best results. Exercises done incorrectly can damage skin!